Terms and Conditions


Welcome to (“Website”). Please read the following terms and conditions very carefully as your purchase of service are subject to your acceptance of and compliance with the following terms and conditions (“Terms”).

Term and condition is the agreement where you inform the customers of your website about the rules terms, guidelines that they have to follow all things before using the website.

We have also imposed certain terms and conditions. On our website which the customer has to abide by do not use the website if you do not agree to these Terms and Conditions. We also make changes to the Terms & Conditions of the website you have to take note of it.

    1. Application Development
      1.1 We will distribute the development work of the website or mobile application in accordance with the Contract between us and the customer.
      1.2 We will deploy the website on the client server only after the payment is done in full.
      1.3 The company will not be liable to change any part of the website without notice..
      1.4 Whatever data we keep related to customers we will not misuse it and neither will the customer allow it.
      1.5 We will make every effort that the work done by us is free from error.
    2. Search Engine Optimization
      2.1 Trignoweb will provide SEO services to clients but before this client has to comply with certain conditions and rules.
      2.2 If the client wants results in a search other than a google search, the client must discuss it with us?.
      2.3 Payment for SEO service must be on time to payment is delayed then we can stop work and we will not be responsible for ranking and traffic in this case..
    3. Payment Of Account And cancellation Of Refund
      3.1 We will provide service for the as for the work discussed during the contract customers will have to pay again for new services.
      3.2 Trignoweb provides complete service only after 100% payment of the amount.
      3.3 If you cancel your services, any payment for the same will not refund at any cost.
      3.4 Additional charges for domain name registration, website hosting, and maintenance are applicable as per packages or contracts.
    4. Termination
      4.1 If any person violates the terms and conditions of the website then our side reserve the right to delete the account.
      4.2 After the agreement is reached by the company and the client, If the client terminates the services midway, So the company will not give him the money back.
      4.3 We Keep website backup for one month only after the termination of the client asks for that backup within a month, we will give it. If the client asked after one month then charges will have to be given for it, otherwise, we will delete that backup.
      4.4 Trignoweb also has the right to terminate the services that the company provides.
    5. Privacy
      5.1 The User hereby consents, expresses and agrees that he has read and fully understands the Privacy Policy of the website herein. The user further consents that the terms and contents of such Privacy Policy herein are acceptable to them.
      5.2 Any data we keep related to our customers is not to be misused by the user.